Faculty and Supporters

We welcome any non-students interested in connecting with our community, such as:

  • Faculty interested in learning about recruiting and supporting veterans to their program or research group

  • Industry professionals with expertise in career development looking to support and encourage student veterans

  • Folks wanting to advertise scholarship opportunities or research programs

We do not welcome predatory programs or folks pushing for-profit or less-than-reputable programs, or looking to advertise or sell specific products or services. The organizers reserve the right to remove anyone at any time.

Code of Conduct:

  • This is a safe space for all people of all race and gender identities. Harassment and hateful speech will not be tolerated. The organizers take a "zero tolerance" policy and reserve the right to remove anyone from the community at any time. Our community is exclusively for building each other up.

  • The voices of more junior personnel will be prioritized. While post-docs, faculty, and other non-students are welcome to contribute to our community, they should take a backseat role to undergraduates and graduate students in networking and mentoring.

  • Disagree with ideas, not people; use "I" statements to speak from your perspective rather than making generalizations.

  • Personal stories will be respected and not shared outside our community. Do not argue against someone's lived experience.

The organizers reserve the right to remove anyone from our community at any time.

Get involved!

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